Mother's Day -- the day that people honor their mothers. They talk about all of the things that they appreciate about their mothers, we are thanked for our love and selflessness.

I called my own Mother, early this morning, and talked with her. She is the most amazing, selfless, hard-working, wonderful woman that I know, and if I can grow up to be like her, I will be extremely grateful.

Then there are my own sweet children who showered me with gifts: drawings, cards, hand-cut snowflakes, a school-made picture frame, a portrait of me- made with crayons and yarn. These little presents that are priceless to me.

Then the husband, who quietly turned off the baby monitor (yes, I still use one) and closed the door at 6:-something so I could sleep in, who kept the kids quiet and made me an egg-white omelet with mushrooms and green chiles and pepperjack cheese, and a tall glass of frothy OJ. All of these things to make me feel special- to honor me and thank me for being their Mother (and the Mother of his children).

And it occurred to me, more than once today, that I'm the one who is blessed. Mother's Day, for me, is a celebration of these three most amazing little lives that enrich me and stretch me and teach me. I feel like, at least for me, the whole idea of Mother's Day is wrong- it shouldn't be a day to shower Mom with gifts and yummies and an afternoon nap (isn't that what birthdays are for?), but for me, it's a day to recognize how blessed I am.

These children are not perfect, but they are perfect for me, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I have to be their Mother.

(me and mine, taken this morning before church::)webRCP_6317.jpg

kori says:


(05.14.12 @ 11:01 AM)
Jessica says:

I agree 100% and felt the same way you did all day.

(05.15.12 @ 07:11 AM)
alison says:

you said it well. and it might have brought a small tear to my eye. happy mother's day.

(05.18.12 @ 02:29 PM)
Aleasha says:

Thank you for sharing this. It's so true!! Reading it gave me goosebumps.

(06.22.12 @ 12:54 PM)
Claudia Grange says:

Beautiful children!

(07.11.12 @ 01:01 PM)
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Just a quick shot of little Sophia Clare.

In case you're wondering, I am partial to this sweet baby simply because of her name. And also because I like her parents so much.

Congratulations to Amber and Danny. She's gorgeous, and I'm thrilled for you both!


SarahInParis says:

What a stunning image of this beautiful little angel Rachel. Gorgeous as always!!

(05.07.12 @ 09:22 PM)
Jen says:

Oh those lips! And those lashes! What a great perspective. Love it.

(05.08.12 @ 05:11 PM)
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May 5, 2012

Saturday afternoon: prepping for a BBQ tonight. The first one of the summer.

Thankfully, I'm not hosting (it's not my favorite thing). But I am providing food - watermelon, avocados, lemonade, green chile corn, and lemon bars.

Rowan wanted to help bake the lemon bars... no surprise there. She loves to help, she loves to bake, she loves to be with mom. (*swoon*)

We mixed, we poured, we set the timer for 23 minutes. She got her chair and watched the numbers count down.

"Row, that's going to take quite a bit of time. Shall we read a book while it bakes?"
"No, I'm just going to sit here and wait."

And she did.

 webTemecula_Family_Photography_LemonBars2.jpg webTemecula_Family_Photography_LemonBars1.jpgwebTemecula_Family_Photographer_LemonBars3.jpg And then there's this wee one. And what am I supposed to do with her?  Sweet little mess. webTemecula_Family_Photography_LemonBars5.jpg

Jen says:


(05.05.12 @ 04:50 PM)
Jessica says:

Oh I love these. I wish I had a personal photographer at my house at all times so I could have pictures like this to hang all over my house. :)

(05.05.12 @ 05:32 PM)
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I'm behind on my project!  As in, 3 months behind.  Here are the past three months in our lives, in iPhone photos. 

February::February2012iPhone.jpgMarch ::
March2012iPhone.jpgApril ::

Kittrean says:

Can I copy all these, and the others and those to come and print and hang through-out my home? Weird? I love them all.

(05.05.12 @ 12:11 AM)
Jen says:

(05.06.12 @ 12:07 AM)
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A new little life on this earth.
One lucky family.
One lucky boy.
Congratulations to Chad and Marcie on their gorgeous baby boy.
He's purely delightful and the perfect little caboose!


Julie Newton says:

LOVE! These are so sweet! He is perfection!

(05.02.12 @ 02:37 PM)
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