Grow old along with me
The best is yet to be
When our time has come
We will be as one
God bless our love, God bless our love

Grow old along with me
Two branches of one tree
Face the setting sun
When the day is done
God bless our love, God bless our love

Grow old along with me
Whatever fate decrees
We will see it through
For our love is true
God bless our love, God bless our love

-John Lennon
Jen says:

The light is exquisite in these! A couple clearly very much in love. Love the horses too! Beautiful work as always.

(08.21.12 @ 09:41 PM)
Meshan says:

Rachel, Thank you so much! You're the BEST.

(08.25.12 @ 11:37 AM)
Meshan says:

Rachel, Thank you SO much. You're the best!!

(08.25.12 @ 11:38 AM)
Riverside Photographer says:

This field was the perfect setting for this shoot, and the horses added a nice touch! Keep up the great work!

(09.04.12 @ 04:08 PM)
Jamelle Kelly says:

This is so fun! I LOVE the horses.

(09.25.12 @ 12:36 PM)
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And all along
I believed I would find you
Time has brought
Your heart to me

I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more

-Christina Perri


Holly says:

Love! Love! Love! Thank you so much Rachel!

(07.09.12 @ 06:33 PM)
Jen says:

Absolutely beautiful! Love the light.

(07.09.12 @ 09:22 PM)
Natalie says:

Oh my goodness! Love these! Holly-you are so beautiful! Rachel- You are so talented!

(07.10.12 @ 08:56 AM)
Aleasha says:

These are amazing!! What a cute couple!!

(07.10.12 @ 10:07 AM)
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Watch out, folks. You're going to want to eat this darling baby boy with a spoon!

He is, easily, one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen.

And then Kelli throws him in a custom onesie with a tie, a baby fedora, and argyle babylegs.... Well, suffice it to say, his parents are lucky I didn't take that little man home and make him my own.

(John and Kelli, you're not bad either.)
Temecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy30.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy31.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy32.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy33.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy34.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy35.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy36.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy37.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy38.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy39.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy40.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy41.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy42.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy43.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy44.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy45.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy46.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy47.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy48.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy49.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy50.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy51.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy52.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy53.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy54.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy55.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy56.jpg I like to call this the "Um, guys? I'm kinda over it." shot. Temecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy57.jpg And this is "No really...I'm out". Temecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy58.jpg

(You want to eat him up, don't you??)

Jen says:

Ummm yes. Yes I do. The one of him peeking over & gumming the side of the wagon slays me. What a fabulous session!!

(06.14.12 @ 10:40 PM)
Alexandra says:

He is indeed sooo adorable! Love all these photos, Rachel!

(06.14.12 @ 11:12 PM)
Lindsey says:

Oh my gosh!! I'm sure he has parents, but I didn't notice them anywhere because I was staring at him in every picture!! What a joy to photograph him! I especially love the one with his hands over the edge of the wagon, chewing on it. Adorable!

(06.15.12 @ 03:12 PM)
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Donovan and Megan,
August 18th is going to be a spectacular day! I'm so excited for you both.


Kori says:

Love the long board pics, so cute!

(05.21.12 @ 08:35 PM)
Sarah Brimhall says:

Cute couple! Beautiful Pictures!

(05.21.12 @ 08:46 PM)
Jen says:

Spectacular! And so much fun. Wonderful, WONDERFUL images.

(05.21.12 @ 10:28 PM)
Stacie says:

So fun! Love the photos!

(05.22.12 @ 07:33 AM)
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I can't help but post one quick picture of Donovan and Megan from last night. Many more to come...

Jen says:

STOP RIGHT NOW. This is perfection. Love every detail.

(05.21.12 @ 09:08 AM)
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