dana says:

Wow, breathtaking and stunning. I'm speechless. She is beautiful!

(08.10.11 @ 04:44 PM)
Anonymous says:

Oh Rach these are absolutely beautiful. Just stunning. Can't wait to see images from the wedding!

(08.11.11 @ 12:37 PM)
Cindy says:

Gorgeous bride, gorgeous photography!! Can't wait to see images from the wedding!!

(08.12.11 @ 12:48 AM)
Kimberly Donohue says:

Holy cow! The light in these is amazing. Love em' Rach!

(08.12.11 @ 01:12 AM)
Listed below are links to blogs that reference this entry: Danielle is a bride - Laguna, CA Wedding Photography . TrackBack URL for this entry: http://rachelclarephotography.com/darkroom/mt/mt-tb.cgi/217
Due to my jaunt to Great Britain as well as being supremely busy with life in general, I've not had the chance to post the last bride from our series! Hilary was cute and bubbly and made for the perfect contemporary bride. This look was modern and fun and elegant, all while staying in the present.

To my dear friend, Kamee, thank you including me in such a fun and creative project. I loved sharing this vision with you! And to Kat, I applaud your mastery over hair and makeup and styling... you have a gift I wasn't blessed with!


Anonymous says:

Love these!! Love you!!!

(05.20.11 @ 12:14 PM)
Kamee june says:

Love these!! Love you!!!

(05.20.11 @ 12:15 PM)
Jen says:


(05.20.11 @ 06:21 PM)
Shalece says:

So beautiful, and such great shots!

(05.24.11 @ 02:34 PM)
Listed below are links to blogs that reference this entry: The Contemporary Bride - Corona, CA Wedding Photography . TrackBack URL for this entry: http://rachelclarephotography.com/darkroom/mt/mt-tb.cgi/190
The Country Bride... easily the "type" of bride I was most excited about shooting. It's likely because I relate to "country" over "couture" or "contemporary"... that's what happens when you grow up with horses and a cowgirl as a mother! (I had such a great childhood!!)

Lexy was a fantastic Country Chic model for us, and her boots- the perfect touch!  We needed a good blonde for this role, and she filled it well.
And what do you know, we stumbled upon a horse! What luck! I loved the soft evening light mixed with the country lace and leather boots-- it was a gorgeous, if not chilly, evening. Again, a huge thanks to Kitsch By Katrina for styling and my close friend, Kamee June for her creative ideas!


Jen says:

FABULOUS! i love the casual, country feel of these. So great. And your exposure, as usual, is flawless. Think I could make this work for newborns? The country newborn, the couture newborn, the classic newborn? LOL!

(03.28.11 @ 04:09 PM)
kamee june says:

the horse!!!!! my horse pictures are a gorgeous bride and a horse backside. not nearly as breathtaking as yours!! these are exquisite! i adore them; i adore you!!! cheers to a great set, friend! and @jen, yes!! for sure!! you can make anything work for a newborn! ;)

(03.29.11 @ 10:29 AM)
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The second in a series of four posts :: The Couture Bride.

This whole set was very out-of-the-box for me, and I enjoyed feeling the stretch of creativity and artistry. Kalynne was the perfect couture model- as a dancer, she's confident and keenly aware of movement, which made her easy to photograph.

The following images are processed with The Storyteller's Collection, a new action set soon to be released by Addy Lane.  I don't generally process my images very heavily, but I felt that these images needed a heavier edit to compliment the "couture" theme... 

Marni says:

Unbelievable. You are a true artist.

(03.23.11 @ 07:55 AM)
christy says:

Simply divine!! I love this series you are doing...cannot wait to see more!

(03.23.11 @ 07:31 PM)
Jen says:

Such gorgeous tones & mood. Love them.

(03.24.11 @ 01:23 AM)
kamee june says:

i. love. these. nuf said! they are so so so incredible rach! gorgeous work friend!!!

(03.24.11 @ 07:58 PM)
Erin says:

These are really beautiful! You are very talented.

(03.25.11 @ 12:31 AM)
Listed below are links to blogs that reference this entry: The Couture Bride - Corona, CA Wedding Photographer . TrackBack URL for this entry: http://rachelclarephotography.com/darkroom/mt/mt-tb.cgi/179
It's spring in Southern California! The weather has been unbelievably beautiful- enough so that I took my children to the pool for the first time this year yesterday. In anticipation of the 2011 wedding season that is upon us, I've teamed up with a couple of outrageously creative minds and we've been working on some great projects! This is the first in a series of 4 posts, showcasing different "types" of brides- the classic bride, the couture bride, the country bride and the contemporary bride.

A huge thanks to Katrina Kirk, our fantastic sylist, and to my sweet friend Kamee June who was instrumental in getting this off the ground! (And, a big shout out to our gorgeous model, Hannah, who has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen on an adult!)


Kathi Cook says:

Amazing, beautiful images Rach! And I agree with that skin, wowza! Can't wait for the rest of the posts:)

(03.11.11 @ 12:49 PM)
Jennifer Chaney says:

STUNNING! Seriously beautiful... I can't wait for the rest either!

(03.11.11 @ 01:08 PM)
Lindsay Silsby says:

OH that last shot....wow!

(03.11.11 @ 01:12 PM)
Jen says:

OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful. Wow. Totally take my breath away. Such a fun concept. Can't wait to see the rest.

(03.11.11 @ 01:34 PM)
Caroline Reed says:

So beautiful. Well done. Gorgeous.

(03.11.11 @ 01:57 PM)
Shalece says:

Hey that's Hannah! She is my brother's sister in law :) She is so gorgeous, and the pictures captured her beautifully, WOW WOW WOW, you are fantastic!

(03.11.11 @ 02:53 PM)
becky says:

Get out of here - these are so amazing!!!!!!!!

(03.11.11 @ 02:57 PM)
Shalece says:

oops I meant my brother's niece :) anyways, breath taking :)

(03.11.11 @ 03:07 PM)
Eleni says:

Fantastic photos - she looks glamorous!

(03.12.11 @ 06:33 AM)
Dana says:

lovely :)

(03.12.11 @ 11:05 AM)
Melissa Surprise says:

Awesome as always!

(03.14.11 @ 11:46 AM)
Uyen C. says:

Rachel... these are beautiful!

(03.16.11 @ 11:07 PM)
kim donohue says:

Oh, that last one. LOVE IT! So beautiful Rach!

(03.23.11 @ 07:25 AM)
kamee june says:

i did love your classic bride stuff! YOU are my classic friend for sure!! ;) LOVE YOU!!! these are stunning. so are you!!

(03.24.11 @ 08:01 PM)
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