I am so utterly backlogged with things to blog, I can't believe it.

I photographed Lindsay back in June as part of a project I was working on with Jackie from Silk, the new high-end bridal boutique in my hometown of Farmington, New Mexico. I loved Jackie's styling, and Lindsay was fantastic to work with.

A few shots from that evening ::


Tasha says:


(09.13.10 @ 10:12 PM)
Jennifer Chaney says:

These are stunning... just jaw dropping. And that dress? PUH leez!

(09.13.10 @ 10:35 PM)
kim donohue says:

Dana and I love em! LOL. We want that dress. Seriously. These rock, as do you! XOXO

(09.13.10 @ 11:08 PM)
Jen says:

Super fab! Glad you are posting these!

(09.14.10 @ 12:22 AM)

Beautiful. Seriously romantic. I love them!

(09.14.10 @ 06:39 AM)
julie says:

Such a beautiful dress and model! Love these pictures- absolutely stunning! The one by the water is my favorite.

(09.15.10 @ 08:36 AM)
misty Jones says:

These are gorgeous Rachel!

(09.15.10 @ 02:37 PM)
tara k says:

oh my heavens! stunning isn't even strong enough. and the black and whites? i don't even know her and i want to weep from the gorgeousness. UNBELIEVABLE!

(09.16.10 @ 09:52 AM)
Chelsea Patricia says:

The first set of black and whites is particularly AMAZING! :)

(09.21.10 @ 12:35 PM)
Johanna says:

Beautiful work, as usual Rachel! LOVE the composition in image 3 and the yummy light!

(09.22.10 @ 09:28 PM)
Kathi Cook says:

These are simply exquisite, Rachel! What an opportunity to photograph this stunning model and this beautiful dress. Wow!

(09.29.10 @ 08:53 AM)
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