Donovan and Megan,
August 18th is going to be a spectacular day! I'm so excited for you both.


Kori says:

Love the long board pics, so cute!

(05.21.12 @ 08:35 PM)
Sarah Brimhall says:

Cute couple! Beautiful Pictures!

(05.21.12 @ 08:46 PM)
Jen says:

Spectacular! And so much fun. Wonderful, WONDERFUL images.

(05.21.12 @ 10:28 PM)
Stacie says:

So fun! Love the photos!

(05.22.12 @ 07:33 AM)
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I can't help but post one quick picture of Donovan and Megan from last night. Many more to come...

Jen says:

STOP RIGHT NOW. This is perfection. Love every detail.

(05.21.12 @ 09:08 AM)
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"I love you without knowing how or when, or from where.
I love you because I know no other way."
-Tins Matienzo Antonio

kori says:


(03.19.12 @ 03:58 PM)
Jen says:

Beyond divine. This is your calling.

(03.20.12 @ 08:02 AM)
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This is one amazing couple. Every now and then, you have the privilege of spending time with people that you're magnetically drawn to. They're people whose presence you don't want to leave. People who make you feel good, who make you laugh, who make you comfortable. Ron & Mikael are those people.

I've known Mikael since the day she was born, and I truly think the world of her. She is kind and happy and determined. We share great-grandparents, as well as a love of travel, Israel and the Near-East. She's never been the type of person to be told what to do, and I appreciate that about her.

Ronnie is unbelievably funny, and has overcome huge obstacles in his life. Seven years ago, he was serving a mission for our church in Mexico. One day he went hiking with a group of friends and ended up falling a long way, breaking his back, ribs and a leg. He and his family were told, in no uncertain terms, that Ronnie would never walk again. The fact that he is, indeed, walking says much about his determination and outlook on life. He's not just "surviving"-- he's THRIVING, and will always be a wonderful example to me that we can do hard things!

I asked Mikael how they met. I'll put it in her words::
We met at a party. Our first conversation was about our common love for antiques and green chilis. He truly was a man after my own heart. While Ronnie was telling my roommate the story of his accident, I listened in on the conversation. He glanced over and saw me deeply enthralled in everything he had to say. As Ronnie likes to say, "I looked and saw Mikael looking at me with those big eyes of hers, and from that moment on, I was going after her whether she liked it or not."

Their wedding is going to be gorgeous with vintage-inspired goodness all around. When you consider Mikael's love of all things antique (her wedding ring was purchased at an antique store and hails from the 1930's!) and Ronnie's love for all things old-school (can you say Converse and straight-razor-shaves?), it's bound to be good, and I'm thrilled to be able to be a part of it all.

We met up in Temecula last weekend for their engagement shoot.  I'm excited to say, it ended up being a "beloved" session as well.  There will never be a shortage of love or laughter in their home!

R & M, I can't wait for June.  It's going to be amazing.  xo 


Lizzie says:

I love these! Big huge congrats to Mikael and her handsome soon-to-be husband. They are a gorgeous couple- and you got some great shots!

(04.23.11 @ 01:18 PM)
Paul Rhien says:

Great pictures, and great people...

(04.23.11 @ 05:50 PM)
Ronnie Squire says:

Rachel, I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. You let my sweetheart and I just have fun with it and guess what...WE DID! Thank you so much for making this whole experience of marrying the woman of my dreams even better!

(04.23.11 @ 11:55 PM)
Mr. & Mrs. Bogeyman says:

Congrats. We love you. Can't wait for the wedding. If someone comes knocking on your door on your wedding night, watch out for the bogeyman. WOOOOOOOO!

(04.24.11 @ 12:05 AM)
rachel clare says:

Ronnie, that was the nicest blog comment ever. :) You're quickly becoming a favorite.

(04.25.11 @ 07:20 PM)
Jen says:

Beautiful! What a lovely couple & such gorgeous images. Can't wait to see their wedding photos!!

(04.27.11 @ 11:49 AM)
Jennifer N says:

How super sweet and sentimental this shoot is. Love it!

(04.27.11 @ 01:12 PM)
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I'm getting a blog post ready for Ronnie & Mikael. I came across this image last night and I had to post it immediately as this shot makes me all kinds of happy!
This is one amazing couple, and I can't wait to share the rest of their images with you.


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