My face hurts. That's what happens when I'm editing a session I'm totally in love with. Because I sit here at my desk and smile, ear to ear. And then I realize I've been smiling (hard) for the past two hours so I consciously relax my face, and realize how much my cheeks hurt.

John and Austyn are like old friends. Really. When we left their engagement session, I nearly blurted out, "So, when are we going to see each other again??", like I expected to make a dinner date with them for the following week. They are genuine and friendly, and I enjoyed every minute of our evening together. Their wedding is scheduled for June in Nebraska (they're a couple of cornhuskers, and even though KU and Nebraska are rivals, somewhat, I'm totally endeared to the fact that they're Midwesterners and I sort of wish I were moving to Nebraska with them this summer!).

As John is just ending his time serving our country in the Infantry, and as he comes from a family of Servicemen, it was only appropriate to start our session with a more formal look with John in his Blues. webKoppinger01.jpg
Austyn had asked me early on if I'd mind if they brought their two pups. As I am very fond of dogs, I was excited and asked what kind of dogs they had. She answered, "A Great Dane and a Bull Mastiff..." Perfect!

They were a little confused at first and couldn't figure out who the crazy chick was with the black box that kept clicking........... webKoppingerDogs1.jpg
webKoppingerDogs2.jpg (One thing that has struck me as I've gone through all of their images is the way John looks at Austyn. I caught many moments like the one following, where he's looking at her, and you can absolutely feel how crazy he is for this girl.) webKoppingerDogs3.jpgwebKoppingerDogs4.jpg So after a number of unsuccessful tries at getting the dogs to give me a good attentive look, John said, "Try saying t-r-e-a-t-s. See if that works." So I did. "Hey guys! Want a treat?? Huh? Want a treat?" Worked like a charm! webKoppingerDogs5.jpg We wandered without the dogs for a little bit before hitting the beach :: webKoppingerDuo7.jpgwebRCP_2229.jpgwebKoppingerDuo6.jpgwebRCP_2286.jpgwebRCP_2290.jpgwebRCP_2294.jpgwebK_2425.jpgwebKoppingerDuo5.jpgwebKoppingerDuo3.jpgwebKoppingerDuo4.jpg And I'll end with my very favorite image of the night. Perhaps one of my top 10 favorite images ever. Can you feel the love?! webRCP_2387.jpg

Lindsay Silsby says:

That last shot Rach......oh my goodness.....BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE them all!

(02.17.11 @ 03:46 AM)
SarahInSydney says:

LOVE the photos Rachel and isn't young love a thing of beauty. Wishing this gorgeous young couple the best of married life. A great start getting you to do the engagement photos!! And that last one is divine!!

(02.17.11 @ 04:27 AM)
Heidi Fazio says:

wonderful images Rachel!! that last one is soooo beautiful.

(02.17.11 @ 08:22 AM)
Shari says:

Oh Rachel! That last one took my breath away. They are all beautiful and sweet but there are just those images that are like magic. That is definately in the magical catagory.

(02.17.11 @ 09:00 AM)
Lindsey says:

They're so cute! And yes, I can feel the love. Very nice.

(02.17.11 @ 10:14 AM)
christy says:

Oh yes! Love that last one so much :) Beautiful session Rach!

(02.18.11 @ 06:52 AM)
Jen says:


(02.18.11 @ 01:38 PM)
Katie says:

Rachel - breathtaking! I love the last one and the one where they are walking with the houses in the background - THAT's my favorite! A work of art!

(02.18.11 @ 07:57 PM)
dana says:

eek. gotta say the "no lifeguard on duty" shots are my fav. s t u n n i n g.

(02.18.11 @ 10:47 PM)
tara k says:

HOLY COW! my face totally hurts, too! cannot even pick a favorite, although...ok, that last one is absolutely to die for. you completely and utterly ROCK, sister! :)

(02.23.11 @ 11:23 AM)
Kathy Frederickson says:

Rachel, I agree with everyone else- the last one is great! It is like they are alone & you are far away with your camera and really good zoom in lense. It is a great picture.

(10.05.11 @ 02:22 PM)
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I had the pleasure of meeting up with Tim and Laura two weeks ago for their engagement session. It was my first time shooting an engagement session where a dog was also present, and I must say, I loved it! I know a lot of people who's dogs were their first "kids", so to speak. This pup is clearly loved, and it was fun to have her be a part of things.

Laura and I had chatted about where we'd like to go for their session, and decided Laguna would be easy for all involved (there was a dog-sitter in the mix as well). I didn't know until we were there that Main Beach at Laguna was where Tim and Laura had their first date! So, it was totally appropriate that we shot there. The evening was lovely, and I'm looking forward to Tim and Laura's upcoming 4th of July wedding!


Jen says:

Beautiful. I especially LOVE the ones on the rocks by the ocean! Love that they brought their first "baby" to be part of their session.

(02.11.11 @ 02:43 PM)
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It's just like a high school Hollywood movie- the star quarterback woos the cheerleader captain, they fall deeply in love and a few years later, decide to tie the knot. That's Chris and Ashley's story, in a little nutshell.

The one thing I noticed, during the entire time we spent shooting their engagement photos, is how Chris made Ashley laugh. It was constant, and it was real.
We met up for their engagement session in an old, overgrown, avocado orchard.  It was the perfect picture (no pun intended) of relaxation and romance- old quilts, a picnic, and Scrabble.  Perfect.

BlogHayne1.jpgBlogHayne2.jpg BlogHayne3.jpg BlogHayne4.jpg At one point, Ashley showed me a little bag that she keeps all of her love notes in- letters and cards from Chris over the years. It was too sweet! BlogHayne5.jpgBlogHayne6.jpgBlogHayne7.jpgBlogHayne8.jpgBlogHayne9.jpgBlogHayne10.jpgBlogHayne11.jpgBlogHayne12.jpg I can't wait for their June wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn. With Ashley's good taste, it's bound to be outrageous!

Hope says:

Beautiful work -- I love the scrabble images! And that last image is absolutely divine!

(01.21.11 @ 09:01 PM)
laura says:

love the cameras and the couple!

(01.21.11 @ 09:36 PM)
Jen says:

Swoon. What a fantastic session. GORGEOUS images. Can't get enough of the Scrabble shots. And the location, my goodness we must go at my next visit. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

(01.21.11 @ 10:36 PM)
Kristin says:

These are awesome! I have kept all of the cards and love notes that Kevin and I have exchanged over the years also. Congratulations and cant wait for the wedding!

(01.22.11 @ 09:34 AM)
Binh says:

Beautiful session it! Love the scrabble board...will have to try it for a family session ; )

(01.22.11 @ 01:39 PM)
Lindsay Silsby says:

LOVE this set all of the detail shots and LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones of them lying opposite...faves! You are fabulous at this! xo

(01.22.11 @ 02:25 PM)
kim donohue says:

beautiful. amazing. stunning and beautiful light. you rock Rach.

(01.22.11 @ 06:25 PM)
Cindy says:

So so beautiful Rachel! I can feel the love and I absolutely adore the details you captured in the session. Can't wait to see their wedding photos!

(01.25.11 @ 11:09 AM)
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Amber went with her friend for karaoke night. Daniel went after work to unwind and play some darts. They ran into each other, had a few laughs and that was that. Except that Amber said, "Here's my number" before they parted ways.

That was almost 4 years ago, and Daniel and Amber are now looking forward to their October wedding. We had an enjoyable, albeit windy,  engagement session in downtown Riverside on Saturday night. I'm so excited to get to be a part of their big day this fall! A sneak peek from our session::

 blogDawson_1233PS.jpgblogDawson_15.jpgblogDawson_91.jpg Amber, you are so beautiful! blogDawson_23.jpgblogDawson_1417.jpgblogDawson_42.jpgblogDawson_1429BW.jpg

eleni says:

What a gorgeous bride! They make a sweet couple!

(03.31.10 @ 12:26 PM)
Heidi Fazio says:

what a sweet couple!! I love the shot of you looking down the stairs!!

(03.31.10 @ 12:33 PM)
Jennifer Chaney says:

Oh Rachel, these are just lovely! I love that it was windy because it gives movement to the pictures... plus she's got fabulous hair! Can't wait to see the photos from the wedding... They'll be amazing for sure!

(03.31.10 @ 12:34 PM)
Sheila McKay says:

Rachel - I so love these! Beautiful couple! Can't wait to see the wedding images!

(03.31.10 @ 12:36 PM)
stefanie says:

I love the connection you captured here. They are obviously very much in love! Can't wait to see this beautiful couple's wedding images!

(03.31.10 @ 12:49 PM)
Jennifer N says:

I wish my engagement pictures looked as beautiful as this! Beautiful work Rachel!

(03.31.10 @ 01:00 PM)
Susan Keller says:

You're going to have so much fun photographing their wedding - they clearly ADORE each other!! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple :-)

(03.31.10 @ 01:16 PM)
Jen says:

Awesome images! She is going to be such a pretty bride. Congrats to the lovely couple! Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos. Nice work!!

(03.31.10 @ 01:30 PM)
Laurie K. says:

These are so lovely!!! First off what a great looking couple. The bride to be is gorgeous and she looks really good in royal blue! I love them all but the last 3 are my favorites. They really show how much in love they are. WONDERFUL job!

(03.31.10 @ 01:56 PM)
tara k says:

oh goodness, girl. these are magnificent! they are SO sweet together and it's obvious they are head over heels. really beautiful...can't wait to see more of this adorable couple. fabulous work on this session, as always!

(03.31.10 @ 02:15 PM)
paul mcpherson says:

love that b& w shot...very cool background

(03.31.10 @ 02:44 PM)
Dana Fontaine says:

You did a beautiful job of capturing the love between them. They are radiant in the first images and I love the intimacy of the shot where he is pulling the hair away from her face.

You are going to ROCK their wedding!

(03.31.10 @ 02:56 PM)
Dawn says:

Rachel, you know I adore your work, but this is among your best. You did an awesome job capturing their love and connection. What a beautiful couple and stunning photos!

(03.31.10 @ 03:19 PM)
kathi Cook says:

Wow, Rachel, beautiful engagement session. These two look like they have so much fun together, they're so cute! Just looking at these brought a huge smile to my face. And, an October wedding, sigh...... They couldn't have picked a more beautiful time of year to get married. They'll have all the beautiful colors to compliment their day, along with that crispness that can be in the air that time of year. Have fun!

(03.31.10 @ 03:45 PM)
misty Jones says:

WHat a gorgeous couple! You did a fabulous job on these!

(03.31.10 @ 03:53 PM)
aris says:

they are such a sweet couple, i bet you'll have fun in their wedding.... beautiful work, as always

(03.31.10 @ 04:01 PM)
christy says:

Rach, these are fantastic!! Gorgeous couple as well....Amber is a beuatiful bride to be! I love the feeling the wind created in these too! I can only imagine how beautiful thier wedding images will be.

(03.31.10 @ 05:39 PM)
Carol says:

Beautiful! I love the movement the wind created in these. They are all beautiful, but the second and third photographs are my favorite. The way they are looking at eachother and the tender way the groom to be is sweeping his fiance's hair off her face...just lovely!

(03.31.10 @ 05:56 PM)
alisha h says:

what a beautiful couple! great job capturing their sweet connection:)

(03.31.10 @ 06:32 PM)
Tamara says:

Love the interaction between. Beautiful

(03.31.10 @ 07:38 PM)
Wendy says:

What a beautiful couple. They look truly in love. You did a fabulous job on these, Rachel!

(03.31.10 @ 08:01 PM)
heather says:

aaaaaw! These are great shots - I bet they are happily planning their wedding! Love love love the last one!

(03.31.10 @ 08:10 PM)
Helene says:

Congrats to the couple! These are stunning, usual!! :) They are blessed to have you as their photographer. My favorite is the last one. YOu can really see their connection with each other. Great job!

(04.01.10 @ 10:02 AM)
rebecca says:

Love all the laughing! This looks like my kind of shoot! I want shots like this of me and my boyfriend!!

(04.01.10 @ 10:31 AM)
gina says:

what wonderful engagement photos!! i love the "mood" you created for this session. how lucky that this couple had you as their photographer!!

(04.01.10 @ 12:20 PM)
Michelle O says:

Fabulous shots! Can't wait to see the wedding pictures of their big day...CONGRATS YOU TWO!

(04.01.10 @ 11:47 PM)
laura says:

gorgeous images. i think they chose the right photographer =). can't wait to see the wedding shots, great work!!

(04.02.10 @ 05:20 AM)
Tricia Dunlap says:

These are stunning! Beautiful couple, Beautiful photographs!!

(04.03.10 @ 03:37 AM)
Amanda Elkins says:

So cute! They look so in-love! Can't wait to see the wedding images! :)

(04.05.10 @ 04:27 PM)
Tasha says:

These are just perfect! They look so happy and comfortable together. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

(04.09.10 @ 09:33 AM)
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Just a sneak peek of things to come next week::

webElias6yr1.jpgwebGunnell_1120.jpg blogDawson_1417.jpg

Jen says:

Work it E!!! He is a natural Rach. So excited to see more from these sessions!!

(03.28.10 @ 12:19 AM)
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