I'm off to LA to shoot a wedding today and don't have much time, but I wanted to post my favorite image from last month's session with Cree and Courtney's family.

I'm not sure there's any image that touches me more than a mother with her child or children.  Courtney, you're both gorgeous.  xo

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Jackie is getting ready to preserve her wedding dress. Mia is five. And Jackie had a brilliant, and unbelievably sweet idea. We got together and photographed Mia in her Mother's wedding dress before it goes off to be cleaned and preserved.

Mia likely won't remember the evening we spent together, and she won't see these pictures until her own wedding day, in about 20 years. On that special day, Jackie will give Mia a gift- a gorgeous album with images of the two of them together, when Mia was five and wearing her Mom's dress.  They'll sit and flip through the pages and laugh and possibly cry, before Mia walks down the isle herself.

And if that doesn't have all of you Moms-with-daughters out there shedding a tear or two, I don't know what will.

 Temecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald01.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald02.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald03.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald05.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald06.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald07.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald08.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald09.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald10.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald11.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald12.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photographer_Theobald13.jpg All images taken on location at Jackie's beautiful bridal botique, Silk, in Farmington, NM.

Jen says:

Oh.my.goodness. I am absolutely in love with this idea and with all these images. What a treasure to give her daughter. Would you pretty, pretty please come out & do sessions like this for Zoe & Brynn?

(07.19.12 @ 12:07 PM)
Lindsey says:

So beautiful. And yes, I did cry! I think this is one of the best ideas ever!

(07.20.12 @ 03:49 PM)
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Watch out, folks. You're going to want to eat this darling baby boy with a spoon!

He is, easily, one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen.

And then Kelli throws him in a custom onesie with a tie, a baby fedora, and argyle babylegs.... Well, suffice it to say, his parents are lucky I didn't take that little man home and make him my own.

(John and Kelli, you're not bad either.)
Temecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy30.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy31.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy32.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy33.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy34.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy35.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy36.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy37.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy38.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy39.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy40.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy41.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy42.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy43.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy44.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy45.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy46.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy47.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy48.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy49.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy50.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy51.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy52.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy53.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy54.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy55.jpgTemecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy56.jpg I like to call this the "Um, guys? I'm kinda over it." shot. Temecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy57.jpg And this is "No really...I'm out". Temecula_Family_Photography_DeBooy58.jpg

(You want to eat him up, don't you??)

Jen says:

Ummm yes. Yes I do. The one of him peeking over & gumming the side of the wagon slays me. What a fabulous session!!

(06.14.12 @ 10:40 PM)
Alexandra says:

He is indeed sooo adorable! Love all these photos, Rachel!

(06.14.12 @ 11:12 PM)
Lindsey says:

Oh my gosh!! I'm sure he has parents, but I didn't notice them anywhere because I was staring at him in every picture!! What a joy to photograph him! I especially love the one with his hands over the edge of the wagon, chewing on it. Adorable!

(06.15.12 @ 03:12 PM)
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I love these pictures for so many reasons.
1. I love this family.
2. I love the expressions and story they tell.
3. This is what I do-- these are the sessions that make my heart sing. I love it when a family, or couple, will just play while I document it.

This is what I do.

My goal is always this :: that when people look back at the pictures I take, they will remember the exact thing that made them laugh so hard, or the words that made them hug so tight. I want them to be able to look back at their images and remember the evening we spent together perfectly.

Jen, I hope you'll always be able to remember this evening. Love you so much!


Jen says:

RACH!!!!! These make me so incredibly happy. You have no idea...ok yes you have an idea, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I love them so so much. Tears. xoxoxoxo

(04.13.12 @ 02:20 PM)
Shuva Rahim says:

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!

(04.13.12 @ 02:33 PM)
Jessica says:

Love these so much! My sister and her family are beautiful! Now I want beach family pics! You are incredible Rachel!

(04.14.12 @ 07:48 AM)
eydie says:

amazing photos of a beautiful family! you can see the love everywhere.

(04.14.12 @ 03:51 PM)
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A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double. 
~Toni Morrison

Cindy says:

Wow Rachel!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! What a treasure.

(03.20.12 @ 08:52 PM)
Jessica says:

Oh my gosh! The memory of this night came flashing back as I looked at every picture....lots of laughter, teary eyes and love...I LOVE these pictures and my sisters. Thanks so much for doing this for us...P.s. if I do say so myself, we all have some amazing eyes...whoa. :)

(03.20.12 @ 09:45 PM)
Lindsey says:

That closer/serious one--oh wow!!! They're all so pretty and they have such beautiful EYES!!! Looks like a lot of fun!

(03.20.12 @ 09:49 PM)
Jen says:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel I love you forever. Thank you so much. I adore them. Each one. Priceless to me. xoxoxoxo

(03.20.12 @ 10:59 PM)
Jen says:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel I love you forever. Thank you so much. I adore them. Each one. Priceless to me. xoxoxoxo

(03.20.12 @ 11:02 PM)
Katie Williams says:

Rachel you have a gift. You are a gift! Jen - absolutely gorgeous family!!!

(03.21.12 @ 05:40 AM)
Amy says:

It's weird how much we look alike. I mean, duh, we're sisters, but I've never thought we resembled each other as much as we do. It's awesome!
I absoutely ADORE these pictures!! I have to have one on the wall. Thank you so much, Rachel! This was such a fun day and you made us gorgeous!!! Love my sisters!!!!!!!

(03.21.12 @ 06:34 AM)
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