February 22, 2012

Another session from my quick trip to Arizona. My cousin, Rebekah, and her family. We are rarely home at the same time to visit, and thus I don't get to see her often. It's always amazing how quickly other peoples' children change-- it was a joy to get to spend an evening with them.

My favorite things about these images :: the smiles, the candid laughter and the light...


Rebekah Royalty says:

These make me smile and want to cry (in a good way)! There are so many goods one. I can't wait to see the rest. I actually love the one with Hannah upside down. And oh how I wish the one of the one of Christian bending over showed his butt crack:) And I am so pleased to have one with the 3 kids looking and smiling at the same time! Thank you so much.

(02.21.12 @ 07:29 PM)
Grandma Kitty says:

What fun! Love the "fake smiles" and the spontaneous ones. Gorgeous family

(02.22.12 @ 06:49 AM)
Jen says:

I started trying to pick favorites, but gave up because there are so many I love! What a beautiful session. The light is magical.

(02.22.12 @ 11:57 AM)
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Last weekend I made a quick trip with Rowan to Arizona. We went for a couple of reasons, one being to shoot some sessions.

There is a time in my life that I think back on with nothing but fondness, although it feels a lifetime ago. My heart occasionally aches for the opportunity to go back and spend time with a group of people and relive the personal experiences that very much aided in shaping who I am today.

One of those people from my days living in Jerusalem was Brooke. I'm so grateful to have been able to meet her darling family and give her a hug. It was a true treat for me, and I can't help but smile when I look at these images. I hope you do too...


Jen says:

Absolutely beautiful! Happy and full of light. Just love them. And.....GO DEVILS!! ;)

(02.20.12 @ 03:54 PM)
Stace says:

Brooke! Oh, my heavens, what darling children--and what a fun reunion!

(02.20.12 @ 04:04 PM)
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When Marni called and talked to me about the idea of a family session straight out of the '50's, I didn't hesitate. This was somewhat out of the box for me, at least in terms of processing, but I felt it was appropriate for these images and the look we were going for.  Their Christmas cards were so darling, and I loved the vibe from that evening!

I've claimed for years now that I was meant to live in the 1950's... shooting this era made me believe it even more!


Shuva Rahim says:

Way cool! I LOVE it!

(01.07.12 @ 10:42 AM)
Rustin Andrews says:

Awesome pics and website Rachel!

(01.07.12 @ 11:20 AM)
Jen says:

Ahh! So.much.fun!

(01.09.12 @ 10:10 AM)
Kori says:

Love it! Beautiful pics. Love the gun show :) seriously awesome moments captured!

(01.13.12 @ 06:42 PM)
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December 5, 2011

Three little words:
They are smitten.
(Who wouldn't be?)


Great Aunt Kitty says:

These photos are to be treasured - she is so beautiful - but why is that a surprise - she has beautiful and loving parents. I just love these photos!!!!!!! Welcome Avery to our world .

(12.06.11 @ 02:01 PM)
Jen says:

What a darling baby! Such a cutie-pie. Love the connections in these images & the lovely location. That last one needs to be a canvas!

(12.12.11 @ 04:30 PM)
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December 1, 2011

I know the most amazing woman. She is strong in a way I'm not sure I could ever be. Shara has too many admirable qualities to list here, but more than anything, I love that she is consistently happy and optimistic. This year has started a new chapter in her life, and I've been so blessed to witness the joy that emanates from her family.

As she had 4 of her 5 kids together for Thanksgiving, we took advantage and had a photo-date. Cameron, we missed you and your cute wife! Hopefully soon, we'll get everyone, all together.

And now, though a little off-topic, I want to wish Shara well as she heads to Hawaii next week to run her first 26.2.
I'm so proud of you, friend! xoxo!

Corona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau01.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau02.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau03.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau04.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau05.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau06.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau07.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau08.jpgJordan is known far and wide for his ability to quote movie lines. He's phenomenal, and the following are just a snippet:: Corona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau09.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau10.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau11.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau12.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau13.jpgJordan! You slay me! Corona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau14.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau15.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau16.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau17.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau18.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau19.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau20.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau21.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau22.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau23.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau24.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau25.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau26.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau27.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau28.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau29.jpg

Shara says:

Rachel....I'm seriously stunned!! OMGOSH...I'm screaming through my house...hahaha. I LOVE THESE. YOU are amazing. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. You're not only an AMAZING photographer, but an amaizing person. Lucky me :) Thank you soooo much!!

(12.01.11 @ 01:50 PM)
rachel clare says:

Shara, you win. Nicest comment ever goes to YOU. :)

(12.01.11 @ 02:25 PM)
Jen says:

What great images! Sometimes it can be hard to capture connections and real emotion with older children, but you nailed it! They look so happy & loving. Wonderful work!!

(12.12.11 @ 04:32 PM)
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