From our very first phone call, I knew that you would be not only my wedding photographer, but also a great friend.  You are organized, creative and it's easy to tell that you are doing what you love.  We can't wait to record the next steps in our life with you!

-Ashley & Chris


When Ron and I decided to take the plunge, our hierarchy of people to inform went something like this: 1. Parents 2. Rachel 3. Siblings.  I knew that the process of taking photos could make or break how well our wedding day went for me.  If given the choice between having my picture taken or buzzing my head, I would usually start pulling out the clippers before agreeing to a photo shoot.  But just from looking through your galleries, I knew that her photo shoots were the kind I could take part in.  

Our engagement session ended in tears from laughter and confidence that you had captured the nuances of the interactions with Ron that made me fall for him. 
We couldn't have asked for an easier, go-with-the-flow day of pictures than our wedding day. At the end of the day, my cheeks hurt from the happiness of the day and not hours of unnatural pageant-smile poses many brides find themselves in.  You have a way of capturing not only the beauty of the wedding day, but the beauty of relationships as well.  Thank you so much!

-Ron & Mikael


We knew that hiring our wedding photographer was going to be one of our most important choices during the course of our planning & we instantly fell in love with you; your style & sense of ease.  You have a much different approach than other photographers in this field seem to have and your personal interest in us and our day was quickly evident.

We are fortunate to be able to look back and remember almost every detail of the day.  A couple of short weeks after our wedding, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful pictures you created that day and are thrilled with the way you documented our story.  There has been an audible "gasp" by our  family & friends as they re-live the day through our photos and they have all reacted in the same way: "WOW!"

Rachel, the quality of your work speaks for itself and it's easy to see that your photographs are beautiful, natural & creative.  But equally as important, I believe, are those qualities which one may not see or get a feel for when shopping for the right photographer. 

You are kind, calm & considerate, yet confident, professional, relaxed and friendly.   There was never a moment when we felt "pushed, pulled or staged" and to the contrary, we were encouraged to be ourselves & soak in the special moments of the day while you paid attention to the details of documenting it.  All of us were touched by your warmth and genuine nature and in our opinion, all of these things together, made the perfect package.  We literally couldn't be happier with our choice.

-Laura & Bob

Rachel, you are an incredibly talented photographer.  I respect you so much for your natural talent and dedication to your craft, as well as your formal training in photography.  When I was looking for a photographer to shoot my bridals last summer and my mother came across your website, I just knew that I would love your work and that you were the one.  I looked through your pictures and the bridals you had done and my search was finally over! 

Truly, your work is art.  I really felt like it was an honor having you take my bridals. And not only are you talented, but you're so incredibly personable and friendly.  So fun to chat with and hang out with!  That is why, after my bridals, my family scheduled a family shoot, and then my wedding! 

To top it all off,  doing a "Beloved" session with you was a total privilege for Jordan and I.  Each time we've had the opportunity to work with you, it's just been easy to smile and be natural and have fun.  After our wedding we had multiple guests comment on how friendly and pleasant our photographer was.  I was so happy that you were there at our wedding, not only to take photographs, but because I felt like you were my friend, and I wanted you to be there on our special day.  Rachel, you are an incredible human being!  Your talent makes people happy.  I am so lucky to have such stunning photos to look at of memories I want to keep forever.  I cannot wait until my little sister gets married so you can come back and work your magic at her wedding!  Thank you :)

-Danielle and Jordan