A Beloved (Maternity) Session on a warm, sun-drenched evening in a little meadow.

A mere 4 days before their forth child came into this big world. They were barefoot, and they laughed a lot.

And the anticipation and excitement over this new little soul was palpable.

I get to meet Greyson (though I actually refer to him as "Cash", since that was my vote in this whole process) tomorrow morning.

I can't wait.

  webTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley03.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley04.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley05.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley06.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley07.jpgwebTemecula_Beloved_Photography_Galleys1.jpgThe following is my favorite shot from the evening-- sure to go (big) in my next sample Beloved album ::webTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley10.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley11.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley12.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley13.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley14.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley15.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley16.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley17.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley18.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley19.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley20.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley24.jpgwebTemecula_CA_Maternity_Photography_Galley25.jpg

Jen says:

Oh you know how I love a good maternity. These are lovely! Your favorite is mine as well. They look so happy & she is absolutely glowing! Fantastic work as always.

(04.18.12 @ 05:19 PM)
Jodi says:

I love this location!!!! Beautiful! Makes it feel like we're NOT in So Cal!!! Where is this?

(10.10.12 @ 04:31 PM)
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When formulating this post in my mind, I was going to start with "Chris and Stacey, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." , but then the unexpected happened and now I'm going to start it with, JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!

Meet Stacey- one of the coolest girls I know.  She was a dear friend from my days in Jerusalem and we have many happy and very funny memories together from that time.  Stace and I kept in touch for a while after living in the Near East, but then somehow lost each other.  I was thrilled, a couple of years ago, to get a wedding announcement which had been sent to my parents' house.  And then, FACEBOOK.  And I found my long lost friend.  And wouldn't you know, we were living only 40 miles apart!  What a grand surprise. 
While Irivine is a little bit of a drive, we try to get together often, especially as our husbands get along equally as well (and have this thing for all-you-can-eat-sushi). 

Stacey's due date was the 22nd of March, and we decided some maternity photos were in order.  So on Friday night, we had a date at Corona Del Mar to shoot some photos.  We decided it was a good time to do it because Chris is often gone on weekends for work and weekdays are harder for me.  I'm so glad we decided to get together, because that sweet baby was born this morning, a mere 36 hours (to the minute!)  after our maternity session.  A few weeks early, and with Daddy in Florida, he made his grand arrival.  I hope to get my camera on the sweet little peanut sometime this week.... be on the lookout for a sweet newborn post soon!


Trisha Christensen says:

Awww.....these are great! I'm still dreaming of the day when I can do a shoot at a beach!! : )

(02.28.10 @ 10:45 PM)
Meghan Rickard says:

They are such an adorable couple! I had a session like that as well, less than 24 hours later little baby girl made her way in to the world a few weeks early :)

(02.28.10 @ 10:52 PM)
Laurie says:

That's so fun that you guys are still in contact! Jerusalem is nothing but fond memories. Congrats on the baby!

(03.01.10 @ 12:13 AM)
Jen says:

These are so great and yes just barely in time!!! Can't wait to see the newborn shots!

(03.01.10 @ 08:43 AM)
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