I'm extremely fortunate, in my line of work, to have the opportunity of meeting lots of new people. The "fortunate" part is that I've greatly increased my circle of friends, and occasionally, I walk away with a very good friend.

I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago of photographing the newborn baby of an acquaintance-turned-friend, Heather of Amorology. I worked with Heather on one occasion last fall and was instantly attracted to and impressed by her style. It doesn't hurt that she has a kind and inviting personality, as well. We corresponded a little earlier this year and I was able to go to Heather's home (which is impeccably decorated, as I totally anticipated) and photograph her beautiful family. When I left, I felt like I had a new friend, and not only a new friend, but a really close friend. Heather, the pleasure was truly mine. I'm just in love with your little family!
"If I had a hundred wishes, I would give them all to you..."
webKnox07.jpgwebKnox08.jpg And then we looked over and saw this- totally unplanned, and completely perfect. My favorite shots from our session, right here:: webKnox09.jpgwebKnox10.jpgwebKnox11.jpg Paper airplanes, anyone? I love these... webKnox12.jpgwebKnox13.jpgwebKnox14.jpgwebKnox15.jpgwebKnox16.jpgwebKnox19.jpgwebKnox20.jpg Welcome to the world, baby Knox. You are so very loved. What a lucky boy you are!

Maria says:

These are beautiful!!!! Such a beautiful family, and sweet sweet newborn!

(03.12.11 @ 09:46 PM)
Jen says:

Your favorites are mine as well! What beautiful captures.

(03.12.11 @ 11:36 PM)
Lizzie says:

Oh my gosh, what gorgeous kids.

(03.13.11 @ 01:55 PM)
Lindsey says:

Love those shots with the kids. so beautiful!

(03.13.11 @ 10:59 PM)
Vicki and Perry B says:

I must say...our granchildren are beautiful!

(03.18.11 @ 09:51 AM)
kamee june says:

sweet sweet baby!!! they are so wonderful rach!! love to heather and her family!! congratulations on the latest addition!!! ;)

(03.24.11 @ 08:00 PM)
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Because there's no pressure. Because really, we're just grateful for the chance to hang out and laugh. Because I'm able to capture the "real" them.

This is Lindsay. She's one of my oldest and dearest friends from college. Lucky for me, she lives just an hour+ west of me in west LA. But sad for me, we don't get to see each other as much as we should.

Lindsay had baby #2 last month and I showed up with my gear in hand a few days later. Now, I'm not going to lie. This was one of the worst newborn sessions I've ever done (my continued apologies, Linds...). Baby Jake was not sleepy, light was limited, and I wasn't on my A-game that day. That said, we got some funny shots, and I love how much we laughed that day.

Let's start with my new favorite newborn shot of all time, shall we?
  (Malcom, you're a natural!) webSanders09.jpgwebSanders03.jpgwebSanders02.jpgwebSanders12.jpg Awww, sweet Bekah. Awwww, sweet screaming Jake. They're going to be quite the pair. webSanders01.jpgwebSanders32.jpgwebSanders49.jpg

Lindsey says:

It was so much fun!! Thanks for capturing our personalities on film. :)

(12.14.10 @ 10:56 PM)
tara k says:

so sweet, rach! love the shots of the whole family. :)

(01.04.11 @ 07:57 AM)
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I will be brief tonight, as it is late, but I needed to post a few pictures of sweet Jacob. He is an absolute treasure to this sweet family, as they waited for him for a long time. No doubt, he'll never want for love.

Tom and Amber, you are two of the most genuine people I know. Congratulations to you both. You're going to be fantastic parents!


Robyn says:

You made my day today. Rachel, you are so talented and can capture the most beautiful shots. Thanks for taking these pictures of my newest grandson. Thank you for bein so generous and for being who you are. I love you and your family!

(09.01.10 @ 09:34 AM)
Amber Swenk says:

Oh Rachel, I can't even begin to express to you how much these pictures mean to me. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents w/ us. I will cherish these photos forever. You're truly a wonderful person and I've always admired you.

(09.01.10 @ 02:46 PM)
Jen says:

Beautiful! I can so feel the love.

(09.01.10 @ 10:12 PM)
Gina says:

oh, i can feel the love too!!

(09.01.10 @ 10:42 PM)
Denise says:

Hey I am Toms sister. I haven't got to snuggle my nephew yet, but these pictures really capture his sweetness.I think the fuzz on his ears is my favorite! I love the in home shots too. He has a good mommy and daddy

(09.01.10 @ 11:38 PM)
Anna Haynie says:

He is a cutie!!! Congrats Tom and Amber!!!

(09.13.10 @ 12:06 PM)
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New babies make me swoon. Being with a brand new little person makes me want 10 children. So it's probably fortunate for JT that I only spend a little time with them before I pack up my bags and leave.

Last week I photographed Juliette, only 4 days old. She was a peach! She slept the entire time, and my sheepskin rug was as clean at the end as it was at the beginning. (Good baby, good baby...)

The beautiful Juliette::::


Cindy says:

Gorgeous session Rachel!! What a beautiful baby (and beautiful name!). These images are perfect and I love seeing all those perfect wrinkles on her foot too!

(08.04.10 @ 05:42 PM)
carolyn bowles says:

You captured all the beautiful details of a newborn baby. Love them all. These parents are so blessed to have an adorable little girl, and such special photos!

(08.04.10 @ 05:52 PM)
christy says:

Love then all! So very precious Rach....that toe shot is to die for :)

(08.04.10 @ 06:01 PM)
Lindsey says:

That super close-up of her hand by her face made me reach out and touch the screen! Seriously! I could almost feel her soft newborn skin. Really well done, my friend. :)

(08.04.10 @ 11:46 PM)
Kristie says:

Swooning over here myself. These are beyond beautiful and that last shot turned my heart into mush!! Fabulous job my friend!! xo

(08.05.10 @ 03:23 PM)
Jen says:

Beeeeautiful. Something about the first one moves me. :)

(08.07.10 @ 11:36 AM)
tara k says:

absolutely woozy from the sweetness of little juliette, rach. and the wrinkly foot? OH MY. would TOTALLY be a canvas at my house. wow!

(08.07.10 @ 04:29 PM)
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I'm alive! What a whirlwind this week has been... I sure hate moving, but this one will be good for my family. After a full week of multiple trips from house to house, packing and unpacking, cleaning and organizing, I'm finally reconnecting with my little blog! And happily, I have a sweet newborn session to post.

I spent the week before this past one in New Mexico with my parents. It's so important to me that my children are close to my family, and I take every opportunity to foster that.

I hadn't planned on working while I was there, but when I got an email from one of my sister's old friends, I couldn't say no. What luck that I was visiting the very week his sweet wife had her baby! Little D. was born on Wednesday evening, and I took his pictures on Friday morning. I'm going to start with my favorite from the day::

webSewell_2000.jpg webSewell6.jpgwebSewell_2001.jpgwebSewell_2175.jpgwebSewell_1941.jpgwebSewell_2166.jpgwebSewell_2028.jpgwebSewell3.jpgwebSewell_2228.jpg While baby D. had some Mommy time, I got to check out N.'s room and all of his fun Pixar toys (I LOVE PIXAR!)...
 webSewell5.jpgwebSewell4.jpg We decided little N. needed to get out of the house, so we wandered over to the park. I have to admit, I got more shots of the back of his head than the front, but he couldn't avoid me the whole time-- we got some fun shots of a little boy enjoying the outdoors.
 webSewell2.jpg webSewell1.jpg

Coty Sewell says:

Oh Rachel!! I love them, I'm so glad you were in town last week to take these! Thank you so much!!

(04.17.10 @ 06:21 PM)
Lori Hull says:

So sweet! The color in the bedroom shots with the older bro. is amazing!!

(04.17.10 @ 09:09 PM)
Amy Sewell says:

Rach - they are so great. I have some stinkin' cute nephews. You are awesome.

(04.17.10 @ 11:08 PM)
Jennifer N says:

Awwww so super cute! What a lucky family to have you in town to capture such a special time in their lives!

(04.18.10 @ 12:53 AM)
Jen says:

Great images! So awesome to catch such a wee one. ADORE all the pics of big bro. What fun!

(04.18.10 @ 07:22 AM)
Beth says:

you take such beautiful photos. wish you were here to take some of our new baby. I know they would be perfect. good luck with the move- can't wait to see pictures of your new place. :)

(04.20.10 @ 04:33 PM)
Michelle says:


(04.22.10 @ 10:06 AM)
Michelle says:


(04.22.10 @ 10:07 AM)
Michelle says:


(04.22.10 @ 10:08 AM)
jen fauset says:

sooo tender! A little Tara Whitney like at the park. LOVE!

(04.22.10 @ 11:52 AM)
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