You know what they say about the third child.

Well, okay, I'm not really sure what they say about the third child, but I do know that little Miss Maura (said MAH-RA, not MORA) is much more likely to be seen out and about missing one shoe, with her PJ's still on, her hair all crazy-like. She's less likely to get all 5 servings of milk each day (or whatever the recommendation is), and I'm pretty sure I'm okay if she stays in diapers forever, because I just don't have it in me to potty-train right now.

She's HAPPY, oh she's so happy. The happiest of all three of them. She's mischievous as can be (really? butcher knives? Sharpies? toothbrushes and toilets?). She makes me swoon. She makes me crazy. She's as individual as anyone could possibly be at two years old. She's witty, she's sly, she's kind, and I never change her pants when she doesn't say "thank you" afterward. She's a magnetizing child, and I love her to pieces.


Shari Chevez says:

This child!!! OMG, How adorable. I love the photos and the personality they deomnstrate. Fantastic job mommy. Take Good Care, Dr Shari

(03.16.12 @ 05:24 PM)
Rosanne Christensen says:

Oh my, she is a cute little button! I have enjoyed all the pictures of your children, Rachel, they are all very beautiful kids, but she looks like miss personality plus!

(03.16.12 @ 05:39 PM)
Mikael Squire says:

Those curls! She is adorable! You are so good at so many things, but making beautiful children is what you are best at.

(03.16.12 @ 06:09 PM)
Melinda says:

She is such a doll! We love Miss Maura

(03.16.12 @ 06:34 PM)
Jen says:

Oh my gosh I could eat her up. She is so delightfully delicious. Adore all of these images. And I love her personality that shines through. And you know in my head she & Andrew are already betrothed right? Yep. Because I said so. :) xo

(03.16.12 @ 06:41 PM)
Tasha says:

Oh man, is she ever cute! And those ringlets, swoon. I especially love the fourth set down on the left, melt my heart! Beautiful Rachel.

(03.16.12 @ 07:27 PM)
Lindsey says:

LOVE the one in profile, where she's leaning over the edge of the couch. Divine!

(03.16.12 @ 09:08 PM)
Lizzie says:

I love her! I love her gorgeous eyes and her amazing curls and her smile that reminds me of Wes. They are going to have so much fun together! (I am going to have so much fun with your kids!!!)

(03.16.12 @ 11:20 PM)
Aleasha Rhien says:

Oh my goodness...she is so adorable. I love her hair and her eyes are amazingly beautiful

(03.19.12 @ 05:48 PM)
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February 24, 2012

I've been a bad blogger, at least in terms of posting personal posts. And I'm catching flack from some family members. So here are some of Rowan's 5 year shots. She's changing so fast, and I just adore her. The fashionista, the sensitive one, the girl who loves to be with her mom, my best little friend.

Aleasha Rhien says:

Adorable!!! I just love you kids. They grow up too fast. Thanks for sharing

(02.24.12 @ 09:59 PM)
Alexandra says:

All I can say is just "awwwwwww"..... ;) little pretty lady.... Love, A.

(02.25.12 @ 06:34 AM)
Stacie says:

So sweet! I just adore that girl!!

(02.25.12 @ 10:38 AM)
Jen says:

Sweet Row! Love these...especially those boots. Just perfect. Happy birthday Rowan!

(02.28.12 @ 08:42 AM)
Tennille says:

I never realized until these shots how much she looks like Elias!!!!!! She is gorgeous.

(03.04.12 @ 08:31 PM)
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February 14, 2012

(And, some of the runners-up and outtakes...)

Stace says:

Aaaaaagh! You're killing me!

(02.14.12 @ 10:14 PM)
Shalece says:

SOOO adorable!! And oh my goodness those faces!! Just wanna squeeze Maura's little cheeks! :)

(02.15.12 @ 08:36 AM)
Stacie says:

Cute kids + talented mama = best photos ever!!

(02.15.12 @ 11:26 AM)
Kamee Nuzman says:

i adore them. all of them. and YOU too. xoxox missing you friend!!!

(02.15.12 @ 02:22 PM)
carolyn bowles says:

Wow, LOVE these photos! I hope you can enjoy placing some of them around the house. They are darling.

(02.16.12 @ 09:13 AM)
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1. January 2nd was spent at the beach. Elias and JT actually swam, but make no mistake, the water was frigid!
2. Maura, beach dirty-- the best kind of dirty.
3. Rowan roasts marshmallows after a day on Balboa.
4. Rowan, wearing Emeline's hand-me-downs, at the beach.
5. Disneyland! E and the Queen of Hearts. (We don't normally pose with characters, but no one else was around, so he asked.)
6. Rowan, accessorized to the max, at Downtown Disney.
7. The kids and Mrs. Claus-- apparently Santa and the Mrs. vacation in So Cal after the Christmas Holiday. We got to see all of his reindeer too...
8. Maura rides a carousel.
9. CA Adventure, at night.
10. This is what happens, every time, on the way home from Disney.
11. Rowan turns 5! We made cupcakes for her little school class.
12. Her Nonna sent her a new pair of keens. She digs 'em.
13. In lieu of a party, she got to pick a friend and Build-A-Bear. We had a fun girls-day-out.
14. Birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!
15. Row & Maura. Love the glow-in-the-dark glasses!
16. Sunset at Balboa.
17. Daddy taught seminary one morning (substitute), and Maura waited and waited for his return.
18. Rowan, flamenco dancer complete with fan.
19. Cartoons are on downstairs, and Maura's reading a book. *love her!*
20. Molly routinely strikes puppy yoga poses.
21. Rowan tries to imitate the puppy yoga.
22. Sunrise-- this is my view most mornings when I leave to exercise.
23. Mr. Bean before school-- we don't normally have 3 extra boys, but I had to do something to keep them entertained before classes started!
24. E & R make shrinky dinks on a rainy afternoon.
25. Maura- the grocery helper. Or destroyer. Whichever way you choose to look at it...
26. Dad & kids watching LOL cats after dinner. You should've heard the laughter!
27. Happy January to me!! I got a new bike! Is there a tri in my future?
28. Maura helps JT put together the new trailer.
29. Maura, purple shirt.
30. Perhaps the most exciting thing last month-- we hired a wonderful woman and her son to help clean. This, dear friends, is an extraordinarily clean kitchen. I'm already looking forward to her return in 12 days.
31. Elias has become an expert hoola-hooper. Truly, I've never seen it done this good, or this many ways.
32. Maura, purple tutu.
33. Rowan made her own bed, then asked me to take her photo.
Stace says:

Number 17 needs to be framed. Stunning.

(02.06.12 @ 09:13 PM)
Jen says:

Yay! Love the January recap! So fun to see what you guys are up to. Dang I need an iPhone. Like now.

(02.06.12 @ 10:54 PM)
Kristie says:

Love the glimpse into life in January! So fun! I HEART you guys so much! So much!

(02.07.12 @ 09:24 PM)
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A new year and a new chance to be better.

In lieu of a long list of personal and professional goals (neatly written and categorized),
I'm taking a new approach to New Year's Resolutions.

This year, I have one word which I will live by,
and a small list of affirmations which I will repeat and believe and allow to resonate within me.

My word is NOURISH.

I will nourish my spirit,
I will nourish my body,
I will nourish my mind,
I will nourish my marriage,
I will nourish my individual relationship with each of my three children.
I will nourish the relationships with those closest to me.
I will nourish the virtue of gratitude, and count my many blessings.

I will let go of those things which bind me and weigh me down, those things which are unimportant and unfulfilling.

My personal affirmations are these:

I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me, and I love Him.
I am strong and capable.
I am determined.
I am happy.
I can do hard things.
I can make myself better.  I will make myself better.
I am grateful, for my life is richly blessed.

Welcome, 2012.

kori says:

This is awesome! Well said, I love it!

(01.05.12 @ 09:38 AM)
Jen says:

LOVE this. It is perfect and simple and real. Such a great vision for the year. You nourish me my friend!

(01.05.12 @ 10:04 AM)
Amy says:

I love this. I too have made similar decisions for this year! Thank You for sharing these!

(01.05.12 @ 10:30 AM)
Beth says:

I've always been inspired by your attitude Rachel! You are amazing. Happy 2012!

(01.05.12 @ 11:45 AM)
Shara says:

I love this!! You're amazing :)

(01.05.12 @ 01:02 PM)
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