A little sneak-peek on this Monday night!

Jackie is the mastermind behind Northwest New Mexico's chic new wedding boutique, Silk. She's been a long-time client, and has become a good friend. While at home last week, we had a fun family session with her little clan out on the sandstone. The kids never stopped moving, and I loved watching Jackie and Brian just roll with things. They've got a beautiful family and I loved spending the evening with them.

 blogTheobald_4315.jpgTheobaldBlog_5.jpgblogTheobald_4320.jpg Way to get those fingerprints all over Daddy's Ray Bans buddy! ;) TheobaldBlog_2.jpgTheobaldBlog_4.jpgblogTheobald_4268.jpgTheobaldBlog_1.jpgblogTheobald_4612.jpgTheobaldBlog_3.jpgblogTheobald_4542.jpg This is the out-take of the night: the look you get when you say, "Hey guys! Look right here.... riiiiight here.... right into my lens.... do you see the dragon? Huh? Can you see him?"  Hahaha! blogTheobald_4827.jpg

Jen says:

What a beautiful family! The ones of the little guy in the sunglasses slay me. Super cute.

(06.29.10 @ 12:49 AM)
tara k says:

these are GORGEOUS, rachel! so full of light, beauty and relaxed fun. they must be beyond thrilled! :D

(06.29.10 @ 07:23 AM)
Jennifer Chaney says:

haha! I love that last shot! These are are all gorgeous... when ya coming to shot my family???

(06.29.10 @ 09:18 AM)
kathi Cook says:

Love these Rach! I loved finding you in those aviators too!

(06.29.10 @ 11:28 AM)
april says:

Beautiful family and photos!! And that last shot is PRICELESS! HA!! Great work, once again Rach!

(06.30.10 @ 08:34 AM)
carolyn bowles says:

Beautiful, adorable photographs! I love the colors, and the scenery is just awesome. The cute kids don't hurt either. Great work!

(07.01.10 @ 10:47 AM)
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I'm determined to post some of the sessions that I've not blogged yet! It's been one of those things on my list of things to do (you all know I love my lists). Also included on that list is: go through all old baby clothes- toss, give, and keep; finish that quilt that I started, uh, 3 years ago; buy king-sized pillows; send that doggie-shampoo I found in the closet to my Mom............ you get the idea.  Well, look at me! I'm getting one thing taken care of... at least in part.

I photographed Tyson, Melinda and little man Collin in Oregon last fall, and the truth is, it turned out to be one of my very favorite sessions. Why, you ask? Because they behaved as if I was not there. I photographed them at the beach, doing beach-y things, as a family. Period. And I love how the session turned out.
Take a gander!
 webTaylorOC4.jpgWebTaylorOC2.jpgwebTaylor29.jpgwebTaylor_0566.jpg webTaylorOC3.jpg webTaylor25.jpg webTaylorOC1.jpg webTaylor17.jpg webTaylorOC5.jpg webTaylor10.jpg webTaylor13.jpg

Jennifer N says:

I would have loved this session to be mine. You captured these moments perfectly. I'm loving your processing too!

(05.20.10 @ 09:36 PM)
Jen says:

Wonderful session! Such an easy, natural feel. Adore the one of them swinging the little man up in the air! Great shadowing on that one. Beautiful, beautiful images.

(05.21.10 @ 12:29 AM)
Michelle Raskin says:

I love how you captured this family

(05.21.10 @ 08:20 AM)
christy williams says:

Love this session Rach! It's a beautiful thing when a family can just be themselves and let you do your thing....which you do beautifully :) Oh, and I think we share the same to-do list!

(05.21.10 @ 09:15 AM)
Mary Ann says:

I just found your blog today via Becky Higgins. WOW!!! Your photos are beautiful. You really caputure "personality" in your clients. Wonderful work!

(05.21.10 @ 12:22 PM)
Dawn says:

As an Oregonian, I love seeing our beach in your photos. As always, you have beautifully captured this family's connection.

(05.26.10 @ 04:38 PM)
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