December 1, 2011

I know the most amazing woman. She is strong in a way I'm not sure I could ever be. Shara has too many admirable qualities to list here, but more than anything, I love that she is consistently happy and optimistic. This year has started a new chapter in her life, and I've been so blessed to witness the joy that emanates from her family.

As she had 4 of her 5 kids together for Thanksgiving, we took advantage and had a photo-date. Cameron, we missed you and your cute wife! Hopefully soon, we'll get everyone, all together.

And now, though a little off-topic, I want to wish Shara well as she heads to Hawaii next week to run her first 26.2.
I'm so proud of you, friend! xoxo!

Corona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau01.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau02.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau03.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau04.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau05.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau06.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau07.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau08.jpgJordan is known far and wide for his ability to quote movie lines. He's phenomenal, and the following are just a snippet:: Corona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau09.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau10.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau11.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau12.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau13.jpgJordan! You slay me! Corona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau14.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau15.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau16.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau17.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau18.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau19.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau20.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau21.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau22.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau23.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau24.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau25.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau26.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau27.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau28.jpgCorona_CA_Family_Photographer_Martineau29.jpg

Shara says:

Rachel....I'm seriously stunned!! OMGOSH...I'm screaming through my house...hahaha. I LOVE THESE. YOU are amazing. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. You're not only an AMAZING photographer, but an amaizing person. Lucky me :) Thank you soooo much!!

(12.01.11 @ 01:50 PM)
rachel clare says:

Shara, you win. Nicest comment ever goes to YOU. :)

(12.01.11 @ 02:25 PM)
Jen says:

What great images! Sometimes it can be hard to capture connections and real emotion with older children, but you nailed it! They look so happy & loving. Wonderful work!!

(12.12.11 @ 04:32 PM)
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A post for one of our very favorite families...

Anonymous says:

You make people look like models! Wow!

(07.12.11 @ 09:16 AM)
Jessica says:

LOVE them! :) Can't wait til I have a little bit bigger of a fam to do fun pics like this. The girls are BEAUTIFUL, look just like their mama! :)

p.s. commenting just for you Rach. :)

(07.12.11 @ 09:55 AM)
Melinda says:

They look awesome. Of course Stacy looks amazing. You did a beautiful job

(07.12.11 @ 04:53 PM)
carolyn bowles says:

These are soooo adorable Rachel! You are so good at what you do. The location, the lighting, the coordinated clothes, love it all!

(07.12.11 @ 08:25 PM)
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I "wear lots of hats", as the saying goes. I am, first and foremost, a wife and a mother. My friendships are very important to me, and I spend a lot of time cultivating those friendships. I am a dedicated and passionate photographer. I also have the privilege of working with an outstanding group of young women at my church. These girls are kind and happy. They possess virtue and cleanliness. Each of them has a deep and solid understanding of who they are and why they're here. They are independent and strong, yet they work together to serve others and make changes for good in this world. It does my heart much good knowing that these are the leaders of the future.

It's no secret that there are pressures and expectations placed on women, and even more on young girls, to look and behave a certain way. If we're not all 5'10'' with perfect hair and perfect complexions and perfect teeth and perfect clothes, weighing in at a measly 105 lbs., we're not quite good enough. Isn't that right? Isn't that.... wrong? How horrific it is that children, as young as five and six years old are focusing on looks and weight! I'm absolutely in love with the Dove Campaign and all that it stands for- that women are unique and individual and beautiful in all of their shapes and colors and sizes.

We, as the leaders of this amazing group of young women, have been increasingly aware and concerned about our girls and the pressures that they face. We decided that we needed them to know how beautiful they are- in all of their varieties- inside and out. We have had a few activities this summer focusing on wellness and health, finishing them off with a mini-photoshoot. I look at these pictures and I see a glow in these girls that I hope they can see for themselves. I have high hopes for each of them- the biggest being that they will always know how beautiful each one is, and how much she is loved.

Some people might say that I'm their teacher. Not so.... THEY are the ones who teach ME, every single week.



Kori says:

Such beautiful girls! I love it!

(07.07.11 @ 01:57 PM)
Stacie says:

Love those girls...and the photos, of course! Rachel, you are amazing!

(07.07.11 @ 02:13 PM)
Marni says:

How fun!!! they are all such cute girls with amazing personalities :o)

(07.08.11 @ 12:10 PM)
Lindsey says:

Beautiful girls!

(07.09.11 @ 08:58 AM)
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