"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time."
-James Taylor

Mark and Lara were married a few weeks ago in a small backyard ceremony in Newbury Park. The evening was full of beautiful light, family, love, laughter, bare feet and a donkey (which was on their wedding wish list, and came as a surprise to us all). I think it's a sign of a wonderful and happy future together.

Mark and Lara, you're both wonderful. Someday, I want to ride the river with you. xo

 Temecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar01.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar02.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar03.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar04.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar05.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar06.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar07.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar08.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar09.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar10.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar11.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar12.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar13.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar14.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar15.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar16.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar17.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar18.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar19.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar20.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar21.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar22.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar23.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar24.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar25.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar26.jpgWhat can you expect from four brothers whose only sister just got married?Temecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar27.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar28.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar29.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar30.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar31.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar32.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar33.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar34.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar35.jpgTemecula_Wedding_Photography_LaBar36.jpg

Jen says:

What simple elegance! I love these. The bride absolutely glows and I love the natural simplicity of their day & the photos you captured. Her succulent bouquet is TO DIE FOR!

(08.21.12 @ 08:35 AM)
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They met, they dated, they fell in love.
On March 30th, they got married in the presence of family and friends.

"And they lived happily ever after..."
A big thank-you to the other vendors involved in Brett & Erin's big day:
Weslake Village Inn
Kirsten Ely, of kiki e. (who was amazing to work with!!)
Tara Fontana, with Fairytale Hair and Makeup
Patrick Butler, DJ
(loved his tunes-)
Jen says:

These are intensely lovely. Gorgeous and so classic. I am IN LOVE with the family photos she carried on her flowers. What a beautiful touch.

(04.19.12 @ 08:41 AM)
Beth TREADWELL says:

Wow, Erin your wedding was amazing. These photos are so perfect and it looks like you planed everything down to the last detail!

(04.19.12 @ 12:54 PM)
Dayle Dolginer says:

Breathtakingly beautiful photos of the gorgeous couple. Erin, you look angelic and exquisite. Brett, you are ever so handsome and so special. The photos remind me of the heartwarming event and the fun we all had! Continued love and happiness to you, Mr. and Mrs. Coulter.

(04.19.12 @ 09:00 PM)
Aunt Caren says:

Fantastic sneak peek! Absolutely love what you've shared....can't wait to see more.

(04.19.12 @ 10:17 PM)
Susan Moel says:

Erin & Brett, These photo's are amazingly beautiful and the day was breathtaking and special. May your love for one another only blossom ... may your lifes be blessed with wonderful and beautiful things. I love you both so much and I can't wait to see more photo's. Here's to happiness and LOVE for the rest of your lifes. Always, Mom (Susan) (04.19.12 @ 10:32pm)

(04.19.12 @ 10:30 PM)
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"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." -Mignon McLaughlin

I have no doubt that these two will do just that.
Bob and Laura, your day was beautiful!
Thank you for allowing me to be a part.


A huge thank you to my friend and 2nd shooter, Lori Hull.  I'm so grateful you'd be willing to work with me the night before Thanksgiving!  You're a gem.

Also thanks to the Temecula Creek Inn for the beautiful location, delicious dinner and fantastic service.

Jen says:

Ahh...so lovely. There is such a natural, warm glow to these images. They look so happy & their day was so beautiful. You captured it magnificently!

(11.29.11 @ 10:02 PM)
Jennifer N says:

beautiful!!!! love all the images. Such a beautiful wedding!

(11.29.11 @ 11:34 PM)
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For over a year, I had been looking forward to this wedding. When Dana contacted me last year and told me about her Autumn wedding at a 300 year old estate in Villanova, Pennsylvania, I was giddy. Giddy because I love weddings, giddy because I love autumn, giddy because I love old architecture, giddy because I love the East Coast.

Their wedding did not disappoint.

It was gorgeous, THEY were gorgeous, and the day was even more special as Dana's parents were married at the Appleford Estate 28 years ago.

Dana and Steve, you are so much fun. Thank you for making me feel like part of the family! You were welcoming and wonderful and I wish you all of the wonderful things life has to offer.

A big thank-you to the other vendors who contributed to Steve & Dana's day::
Venue: Appleford Estate in Villanova, PA
Music: Siena Strings Trio
Videography: Tom Schaaf
Flowers & Decor: Rosie Nicholas & Carolyn Heathcote
Catering: Sage Catering
Invitations & Print: Amy K. Moore from Stellar Art & Designs
DJ: John Marasheski of the Master's Group
Michelle Ocampo says:

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous wedding! It looks amazing...and to the bride, you look stunning!

(10.28.11 @ 05:01 PM)
Jen says:

RACHEL!! These are absolutely incredible. What a beautiful depiction of a clearly gorgeous event. Amazing work my friend!

(10.28.11 @ 05:08 PM)
Kathi Cook says:

So beautiful Rach! I almost cried at the shot of the father walking his daughter to the aisle. I know we've seen it before, but the way you captured that very moment, in that incredible venue, wow! The bride is stunning, her handsome groom beaming, and I see so much love and joy:)

(10.28.11 @ 06:53 PM)
Jennifer Chaney says:

Oh Rach! These are beeeeeeautiful! I love them! The ones of the bride getting ready are perfection. The couple is gorgeous! Fabulous job.

(10.28.11 @ 07:16 PM)
Becky says:

It was such a joy to have you on the East Coast. You did a beautiful job and I'd love for you to come visit again!!! Better yet, maybe I'll see you in CA!! :)

(10.28.11 @ 07:23 PM)
Gail Moulton (MOB) says:

Rachel.....There are no words to describe the beauty and love captured in each one of these photos! Your eye and talent are amazing! You were a real joy and pleasure to have at our wedding and we couldn't be more thankful for you coming all this way to provide us with these memories on this most special day. Thank you truely from the bottom of my heart and I hope our paths cross again.

(10.29.11 @ 07:29 AM)
kimberly donohue says:

Rach. First of all, thank you. Thank you for being you, for coming to the East Coast, for doing exactly what I love about your work, capturing the day and the moment. I am honored to be your friend and I am in LOVE with these pictures. Now it's my turn to come to the West coast. Much much love my dear friend. Dana is STUNNING!!!

(10.30.11 @ 11:11 AM)
Leslie Sturm says:

I LOVE everything about this. Amazing photos of two very special people, Dana and Steve. Rachel, it was a pleasure meeting you. What a phenomenal job you did capturing this special day. Dana, you look absolutely beautiful. (and..you made the blog!! congrats.) xoxo :)

(10.31.11 @ 06:29 PM)
Danielle Giampaolo says:

These pictures are amazing! Dana, you look positively stunning. The photos of you & Steve with the backdrop of Appleford are truly breathtaking. Rachel, you did a spectacular job capturing every moment and detail of the day perfectly. I love them all!

(11.01.11 @ 11:21 AM)
Amy K. Moore says:

Rachel - These photos are gorgeous! Dana shared your blog link with me...I created Dana & Steve's invitation suite and stationery products for their big day. It was so lovely to see how the day unfolded for such a sweet couple. I truly love these photos!

(11.01.11 @ 06:40 PM)
John Marasheski says:

Rachel - it was a pleasure working with you and you've really captured all of the amazing moments from Dana & Steve's wedding. I didn't even notice you were there most of the time and that is truly a testament to your professionalism and your knowledge of your craft. I will certainly recommend you if you are interested in coming back to the east coast for any weddings. Again, well done!

(11.02.11 @ 04:31 PM)
Ray Erskine says:

Rachel- As the grandfather of the bride I want to thank you for capturing in your beautiful pictures this wonderful occasion. I am so happy that I was around to be able to see and take part in Dana's and Steve's wedding. They are two exceptional people.

(11.12.11 @ 08:50 AM)
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When two people decide to marry, they make vows that are bigger than anything they've promised in their life. They complement each other, serve each other, defend each other, and in that way, they are one. They seal their fate and start a new journey together, different than the journey the were on before. They are one in purpose, but separate in self-- each bringing their own individuality to the table. Maddy and K2 complement each other so beautifully; I can only imagine how sweet and successful their marriage will be.

Their lovely wedding took place on a small peninsula in Penn Valley, CA last month, surrounded by boats, clouds, sunshine and lots of love. Everything went off without a hitch, and I was grateful to be there to witness and be a part of their day.
Northern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_01.jpg (In case you're wondering, YES, I'm totally ordering these shoes.) Northern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_02.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_03.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_04.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_05.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_06.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_07.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_08.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_09.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_10.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_11.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_12.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_13.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_14.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_15.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_16.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_17.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_18.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_19.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_20.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_21.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_22.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_23.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_24.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_25.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_26.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_27.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_28.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_29.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_30.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_31.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_32.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_33.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_34.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_35.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_36.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_37.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_38.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_39.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_40.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_41.jpg Possibly my two favorite images from their day, right here:: Northern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_42.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_43.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_44.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_45.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_46.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_47.jpg Theirs was the sweetest Father/Daughter dance I've ever seen. They got down with the Beatles! Northern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_48.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_49.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_50.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_51.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_52.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_53.jpg It was a PARTAAAAAAYYYYY! Northern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_54.jpgNorthern_CA_Wedding_Photography_Nelson_55.jpg
A huge thank-you to my dear friend, Marci, for assisting me and 2nd shooting at the wedding.  Your friendship is priceless to me!

Also, a shout-out to the other vendors who helped make K2's and Maddy's day wonderful::

Food :: Hanford's Catering

Flowers :: Art In Bloom (530.271.0445)

DJ :: Milestones DJ (the very best DJ I've ever worked with!)

Cake :: Donna The Cake Artist (530.477.0784)

Videography :: Aubrey Felch (408.679.1282)

kathi Cook says:

Rach, what a fantastic display of love and fun! Beautiful wedding, beautiful capture of this truly incredible time in their lives.

(10.05.11 @ 10:24 AM)
Katie Williams says:

Rachel! You are the best. Seriously. Awesome. And how cute is that bride?? And the father/daughter dance picture...goosebumps.

(10.05.11 @ 10:36 AM)
Jen says:

RACHEL!!! These are so amazing. Your finest work yet. Such an amazing representation of a beautiful day. I too was so touched by the father/daughter dance...even got teary. These are magnificent my friend...just magnificent.

(10.05.11 @ 01:13 PM)
Marci says:

So very beautiful. You represented the feeling, excitement and love of the day perfectly. How fortunate Maddy and K2 are to be able to look back at these amazing photographs.

(10.05.11 @ 02:05 PM)
Kathy Frederickson says:

Rachel, you did such a great job of capturing their wonderful day. I could tell everyone had so much fun! what a beautiful bride and handsome groom- it appears their day was perfect. They are lucky they used you to capture the day so well.

If you ever get back to Lawrence- we would love to see you guys!

(10.05.11 @ 02:09 PM)
Joyce says:

Beautiful work, Rachel!!!

(10.19.11 @ 08:20 AM)
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