My style of photography is simple-- I capture the real you.  I capture the way your relationships are in real life- no stiff posing, no awkward smiles.  I catch those moments when someone says something funny and everyone laughs that spontaneous laugh, or when there's a tender touch that expresses deep and sincere love.

Beloved is a movement in photography that focuses on relationships, on what is important, on you being you- with your spouse, your children, your parents, your sisters, your friends.  It is much more than a "photo session"; it's an experience.  It's a time to be together with that person (or people) you love the very most, to enjoy time with them, to laugh, to play, to hold each other, and to have those moments documented. 

Are you thinking to yourself, "Well, that sounds... awkward."?  It's not. The vast majority of my Beloved sessions revolve around laughter and fun.  What more could you want from your photographs than a representation of love and happiness?

I've had lots of clients with very different personalities-- those who are very outgoing, those who have an easy time being affectionate, those who are quiet and shy, those who are all over the idea of having their pictures taken, and those who are only their because their wife made them.  And I've never once had a Beloved session turn out poorly.  I've never been disappointed with the images.  Because Beloved is all about capturing you and your relationships as they are.  It's about celebrating life and love and laughter and happiness and tenderness and all that comes with those things.

I'm excited to meet you.  I'm excited about the possibility of being able to give you a gift - it's a gift I've received myself, and those images of me with my children, and with my husband are priceless to me.  I hope you'll allow me the opportunity to give that gift to you.